Million Muslim March in Bangladesh ' 2013

 "Join at the Shanshad Vhaban on December 16/2013 to Protest Violence against Islam"

7 Points for Million Muslim March in Bangladesh. To, Bangladeshi Politicians and Leaders: MD Rabbi Alam, March 8/2013

1. Term Limit of Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

2. Term Limit for MP's (Members of the Parliament) as well.

3. Stop Bribe on Nomination System.

4. Primary Election within the Party for Fair Nominations.

5. Call for Governance Systems for Regional Reform.

6. Highest Punishment for BRIBE and Monetary Corruption 

7. Establish Comphrensive Health-Care System  

Million Muslim March in Bangladesh on December 16/2013. Islam is under attack in Bangladesh. Please stop Politicking on Islam and Save Islam. Join this movement on the Facebook:

Also join us on the web:

Proud Sponsor of this Million Muslim March in Dhaka is: Radio Bangla USA .

Stop Politicking on Islam, Save Islam, Save Muslim & Save the Ummah with proud and dignity: MD Rabbi Alam.

MD Rabbi Alam.

Founder, Radio Bangla USA (

Founder, AMPAC (American Muslim Political Action Committee).

AMPAC on Washington Free Beacon: 

MD Alam @ Washington Freebeacon: 

National Chairman, U.S. National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus



MD Rabbi Alam: Also called Million Muslim March on 9/11/13 @ the White House in Washington DC for Establishing Humanity and Justice for Muslim Americans through a Civil Rights Movement. Please also join on " AMPAC - Million Muslim March on 9/11/13" :

AMPAC Million Muslim March on Press TV:

Find us on USTREAM Live Broadcast:

             "May Allah Bring Peace, Harmony and Justice for Humanity" 

                                                  MD Rabbi Alam


                    Founder, American Muslim Political Action Committee


                                    Organizer, Million Muslim March


Call for Million Muslim March in Bangladesh on December 16/2013: MD Alam

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